Super Phat Committees

All Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will sign up for one of these committees:

CITs (freshman) will not be assigned to a committee but rather they will fill in as needed.

Decorations: Create an inspiring environment for which the youth can connect to the community and thus to Jesus suing the super hero theme.  You will need to decorate the community center and possibly the gym.

Sunday Games: Plan group games (small and large) for camp on Sunday.  the youth will rotate in their groups through the different game stations you create.  Practice all the games and know how to explain and lead them.  Assign leadership roles to all the game stations.  (remember that snack is a rotation)

Field Day Games:  Plan and set up all games and activities for field day excluding muck wars.  Be sure to include something inside and options for all kids.  Tug 'O War and Slip-n-slide are options and need to be well prepared. (Slip-n-slide: find all supplies needed for the slip-n-slide and make sure all are in working order: tarps, spikes, soap, floaties, something to stop them at the bottom, etc.  The spikes must be covered.  Decide where to put it and how to make it safe.  SAFETY is the #1 priority.)

Muck Wars:  Plan HOW muck wars will work.  Follow the guidelines set in place by the staff.  Also plan how to make it work: sound system, phases, splitting of groups, etc.  Prepare muck and set up all needed equipment on Thursday.

Skit Team:  Write and preform in skits during camp week.  Please see the skit page for more details.

Opening Ceremony Team:  Plan, organize and carry out the opening ceremony.  You can utilize members of the skit team and other counselors (maybe even all the counselors).  Making this interactive is important so think of how you can incorporate the campers.  You will need to collaborate with the skit team if you would like to use the super hero characters that will be presented in the skits throughout the week.

Tech and Costume Team: Build props and create costumes for the skits and opening ceremony.  Collaborate with the Skit and Opening Ceremony teams.

Band:  Practice and play with the band to lead the participants in praise and worship during camp week.  Marcellino will be leading the band.

In addition to these committees, we also need teens to lead large group prayer and give witnesses for each of the day's topics.  You can serve in these roles in addition to being on the above committees.  Please see  the skit page for the witness topics.