By POPULAR demand, Things To Come is BACK for Season 2!

Our HS Youth created Kyle and Myra!

Lori and Scott have written the 10 episodes in the Fall Semester!

We need CAST MEMBERS to be a part of bringing this show to life? Several people have already expressed interest in joining the cast! This is the next step! Please fill out the application below (note that this application requires thoughtful answers to open-ended questions, a 250 word essay, and requires you to commit to a few dates for filming)

Applications are DUE SUNDAY, JULY 29th at MIDNIGHT!

Details on Kyle and Myra (as created by your peers)


Junior in high school
His dad died 3 years ago
His mom is a single mom working to make ends meet
Travis is Kyle's older brother who is a big football star (Senior) (working for scholarship)
Rosemary is Kyle's younger sister (8th grade)
Kyle must work and give a part of his paycheck to help family
Runs cross country and track
Outgoing, talkative, fun to be around
(has known Myra since elementary school)


Sophomore in high school
"Normal" family - Mom, Dad, Older brother (Mason)
Introvert and very shy
Artistic and a "doodler"
Just a few close friends
Loves horseback riding
Volunteers with SPCA
(has known Kyle since elementary)

If you have any questions, feel free to email Scott at

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Things to Come - Season 2: Kyle and Myra
Please check 1-2 characters that you are interested in playing. Note: If you choose Kyle or Myra, you may email a short video using a script we will send via email after applying. Or you can audition for the part by reading a script during the interview. If you choose any other character, you will participate in a short interview, rather than an audition. *
If you play a role in "Things to Come," you may be asked to do live skits at youth night or on retreats.
Caution: Playing a role in "Things to Come" may lead you to do things out of your comfort zone. We MIGHT dive into any of the following topics: death, anxiety, relationships, prayer life, Jesus, Catholicism, and possible subjects known only to Jesus. Possible side effects include: leading others to Christ, growing in your personal relationship with God, and learning how to handle everyday life as a high school student. *
Cast auditions/interviews will be held on Wednesday evening, August 1st from 5:30-7:30pm and Thursday evening, August 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm. Please select all times that you are available to come. Time slots are in hours, but you will only need to come for about 15 -20 minutes. *
Cast Commitments *
In order to make this season a success, we need to guarantee that Kyle and Myra's story is kept completely confidential. If you are cast for a part in "Things to Come," you promise that you will not reveal any information until it is released at youth night. Please check the following boxes to ensure your commitment to keeping Kyle and Myra's story a secret:
Please check each box indicating that you agree with and consent to each statement. Got band, sports, work or some other commitment during the week of filming? No worries! We can work with your schedule to make this happen. *