Are you ready to be a counselor or CIT at summer camp?  Fill out the application below! (Please note that this application requires some short answer questions and commitments to specific dates).

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In your response, please provide as much detail as possible.
Summer Camp Dress Code *
Summer camp is a fun Catholic summer camp. We should always be conscious and modest in our dress but especially so when representing Christ and His Church. These will be enforced. Here are a few basic guidelines to abide by  No shirts that contain artwork or words contradictory to the teachings of the Church, are offensive or inappropriate in nature (ex. nudity or sexually explicit references, beer or drug references, anything anti-Christian including bands, mov- ies, etc.)  Shorts and skirts must reach at least the tip of the middle finger when standing with hands straight down to your sides  No spaghetti strap, tube top, low cut, or mid-ri baring shirts. Guys should wear shirts at all times unless swimming.  No 2 piece swimsuits (i.e. bikini). Chest and stomach should be covered (a colored spaghetti strap shirts may only be worn to cover a bikini top while swimming).
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