What is "Things to Come" and who are "Kyle" and "Myra"?

We're always looking of ways to keep our High School youth program engaging, creative, and relevant.  Our goal is to have our high school youth excited about our upcoming youth nights and want to invite their friends all while making disciples of Jesus Christ. During the summer, CORE team members and HS teens met to create our characters for Season 2 of Things to Come.  It is in this meeting that "Kyle" and "Myra" were created. "Kyle" and "Myra" are fictional teens whose life is going to play out in short episodic videos at High School Youth Nights.

Why is High School Youth Ministry taking this approach?

It is hard to see how Jesus Christ is present in our everyday lives.  High School teens have full schedules, huge expectations, and deep struggles in balancing everything they have going on.  "Kyle" and "Myra" are no different.  The teens have created them to be someone they could walk by in their hallway in their schools.  By using "Kyle" and "Myra"'s life struggles, the teens will be able to identify similarities in their own lives.

The story line has been written and the filming has been completed for our first semester.  It includes many aspects of our diocesan approved curriculum.  When the curriculum is presented in this way, teens will be attracted to it.  Teens will want to be a part of it out of curiosity at first and then they will keep coming out of a thirst for more.

Season 2? What was Season 1? What is the difference?

Season 1 - Austin and Leila dealt with morality and social issues.  We dove into topics like judging ourselves/others, stress, anxiety, depression, drugs, and alcohol.  Season 2 - Kyle and Myra has an entirely different curriculum. In this season we will dive into "The Church" (existence of God and why be Catholic) and into "The Person of Jesus Christ" (who is Jesus Christ and why he came at all).  By using new actors and an entirely new story line, this Season will add a deep component to our night and events.

As a parent, How can I participate?

We want parents to be involved in "Things to Come".

We have set-up at Facebook Group - "STGA HSYM Parent Group".  The ministry staff will post the large topics of the upcoming youth nights in this group.  This will be a means of informing parents, but also a safe place for parents to dialog regarding the topic.  We will also be posting questions to the group as a whole.  Some may be from us and some may be from other parents. This will be a closed group.  Only registered parishioners will be allowed to join.  The Facebook group is available and active NOW.  Please join! Here is the link ---> STGA HSYM Parent Group

Will i be notified of potential controversial topics that will be brought up at youth night?

Yes.  We will post in our parent Facebook group (above) AND email all registered parents of our HS youth about any upcoming controversial topic.  Many times the teens will not know that these topics are coming up since "Things to Come" is similar to a TV show and it will play out in real time. Our intention is to keep our parents well informed at ALL times.

Can I have input on future "episodes"?

Absolutely. We have purposely only planned, scripted, and filmed the 1st semester.  We will be writing the script in December for the Spring Semester and filming in January.  This will give us a chance to incorporate any feedback that we receive from our youth as well as our parents.  Is there a topic that you would like to see covered? Join our Facebook group and please email staff.