We want you to be completely informed about this topic so you can answer questions that may come up after this youth night.  

After reviewing the Gender Identity Talk, if you feel like you do not want your child to particpate, email Lori so they can be excused from attending.

Click HERE to view the talk on Gender Identity presented to the youth.

Click HERE to view a document on Pastoral Ministry for Young People concerning same-sex attraction.  **this is adult-level information that will not be presented to the youth.  This is for YOU.

Helpful Websites and video:

Bruce Jenner and the Transgender Question by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Chastity Project Website  (this video is an excellent to share with your child regarding this topic)

Blog Post on Homosexuality and the Church's teachings by Fr. Beeman

Talk on Gender Identity by Fr. Mike Schmitz on formed.org (parish code=  GJXWV8)