What are Life Groups?

Looking back on my own walk with the Lord, I've come to understand that I didn't really get it until I started to give it. I went to youth group all the time, I knew my faith better than all the other kids around me, but it wasn't until I started doing ministry in college that I really began to understand what it means to follow Christ. My faith went from an abstract set of tenants to a real, practical way of life. 


When Jesus began his ministry, he chose twelve men whom he would spend three years sharing life with. His ministry was not primarily to the whole of the Jewish people; it was to the twelve. After his death, the faith spread from the twelve apostles to cover the entire Roman Empire and beyond. That is the power of discipleship; faith passed on through honest transparent relationship.

Life Groups

In these discipleship groups, the core team spends special time sharing life with those youth who are committed to growth. Every other Wednesday night we go deeper into what it means to follow Christ and how that practically applies to our lives. Now, more than ever, there is a desperate need in the church for young men and women who can pass on the faith in their personal relationships. Each Life Group grows into a tight nit community from which the gospel message will be passed on. This ministry embodies the St Gabriel mantra of "Get it, Live it, Pass it."

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We currently have 5 Life Groups -

Keith and Karla's Life Group

Scott and Candy

Angela and Enrique

Dawn and Gina

Doris and Shea

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