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High School


High School

Dear Young People, Do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!
— Pope Francis

Welcome to the St. Gabriel High School Youth Ministry Program.  Through Sunday youth nights, Life Groups, retreats and service projects, the high school youth are encouraged to seek out God, engage him in a personal relationship and become disciples of Christ.  The High School Youth participate in unique and fun programming that encourages a love for each other and a love for the Catholic faith. 

High School Youth Nights


High School youth nights meet on Sundays following the 5:30 Mass during the school year.  Youth nights consist of large group activities, games, talks, praise and worship and a variety of prayer experiences.  The youth are encouraged to join a household which is a vital component of their youth night experience.  Households are groups of 10-12 teens that meet in small groups during youth nights.  Each household has their own identity rooted in shared spirituality and interests.  In households, the youth have an opportunity to grow together in their friendship and Christian discipleship.





Glory Be (Youth Band)

In addition to youth nights and life groups, the high school youth also have their very own praise and worship band, Glory Be.  The band leads praise and worship at youth nights, retreats and other special events.  They also lead the community in prayer at youth Masses and Adoration events.  This ministry is lead by the talented Nathan Quinn.  Any high school students interested in being part of this amazing ministry should contact Scott Latta.

Need more information?  Contact Scott Latta (slatta@stgabriel.org or 469-408-1922)




Households are CORE-led groups of 5 or more teens who seek to be a part of our High School Youth Ministry. These households are formed to help teens have a sense of belonging and ownership in our youth nights.  Members strive to discover Jesus, to find support from fellow members and their CORE leaders, and to establish a solid prayer life in the ongoing conversations held during our nightly household time. Through the relationships found in Households, individuals learn what it means to be a disciple and develop their ability to be strong in their faith in the upcoming years after high school.  Members of households are often at Mass together, sharing aspects of their lives, encouraging one another, and being accountability partners.

Being part of a household is very similar to being part of a family.


Priest Prophet King (PPK)

This Co-ed household is led by Doris Schneider. It is a household with a lot of passion and personality. This household seeks out Jesus in extraordinary ways and seeks to serve him as their king and savior.  In this group, members find authentic friendships as they encourage one another on the narrow path to Christ.

Vita Di Dio (God Lives)

Vita Di Dio is energetic, full of the charisms - Joy, Compassion, and Liveliness. This household's patron saint is the young Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati, who lived his Christian vocation with tenacity and selflessness. Nathan Quinn and Hannah Truetken lead this Co-ed household.

Panis Vivus (Living Bread)

Marsha Aaron and Flora Wharton lead this Co-Ed household based on the charisms - charity, unity, and devotion to the Eucharist. The members of this household enter deeply into encounter with God and each other. Through selfless acts of service to family, friends, community, and parish, this group grows together as a household as they walk together on the narrow path towards Christ.

Mu Kappa (One Heart) 

This is an ALL-GIRL household in the Augustinian tradition of Spirituality. Self reflection, appreciation of beauty, and empathetic sharing are part of Mu Kappa's tradition. Lori Miller brings a lot of life to the table for this household. They are a rock solid sisterhood.

Primo Clientes (First Follower)

Primo Clientes is a co-ed household dedicated to fearlessly following Christ. Simply put, if you join this household, you will learn how to lead and how to follow. Primos look to King David as their patron. He was quick to step up to fight Goliath and he danced before the ark of the covenant in front of the whole people. Primos volunteer first. They are the spark that catches the youth group on fire for Christ. Led by the most esteemed Bill Burke and the honorable Marc Misuraca.

The Harvest House

This household is for young men and women looking to Harvest God’s love by carrying out God’s works for Christ’s Kingdom.  Led by Brad Bonin, this household is open to all that are interested in growing their faith and imitating Christ’s servant leadership style.  We talk about everything from scripture, to being a leader for Jesus, to social pressures of being a teenager.  Our small group time is about getting away and sharing our thoughts without a fear of judgment.

Catholics With Attitudes (CWA)

Catholics with Attitudes is a Co-ed group lead Patrick Cable and Luke Truetken. This group is all about service and love for one another and God. They place God first and others second, they are truly on fire with their faith. They are one giant family composed of many different talents, and backgrounds but their love for Christ is what makes them such a wonderful group of young adults that is known throughout our community.


IMPACT is a Co-ed household built on being a model for other teens.  Their small group time is focused on personal testimonies that coinside with the topic of the night. This one our newest households!